Unveiling the Vision: The 360tf Journey with Co-Founder and CEO Vikram Lodha

We are thrilled to share an insightful interview conducted by The Asian Banker with our CEO, Vikram Lodha. In this engaging conversation, he delves into the founding journey of 360tf and the company’s vision for the future.

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Highlights of the Interview:

  • Founding Mission: Learn about the mission that led to the establishment of 360tf in 2020 and its official launch in August 2021.
  • Global Impact: Discover how 360tf has become a significant player in the trade finance ecosystem, facilitating over $8 billion in transactions in just two years.
  • Digital Real-Time Operation: Understand the platform’s commitment to facilitating two-way communication 24/7 in the digital space.
  • Global Expansion: Find out about the company’s global footprint with headquarters in Singapore, subsidiary offices in India and Dubai, and sales offices in Bangladesh and Qatar.
  • Future Plans: Gain insights into 360tf’s plans for the future, including its focus on sustainability and incorporating environmental, social, and governance principles.

Interview Video:

About The Asian Banker:

The interview was conducted by Foo Boon Ping, a seasoned professional from The Asian Banker, The Asian Banker is the leading platform of the TAB Global stable of brands. Since 1996, it has been the leading provider of strategic intelligence and community platforms in the financial services industry.

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